Report about the visit of Renata Harris to commemorate the Kindertransporte , which saved up to 20 000 children 80 years ago here
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Frank Felsenstein writes in The Times of Israel about his visit to Frankfurt.

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Visiting Program 2017
In May a group of former citizens of Frankfurt and their descendants were invited to the city of Frankfurt, the former home of their parents or grandparents. The invitation of the city gave them the opportunity to see the sites of the grandparents`childhood and youth, visit their houses, the area they lived in, the graves of relatives and former schools. Reports and Pictures

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Jewish Life in Frankfurt see the new article at About us

Now the City is different – and still the same

Here we introduce biographical material on former citizens which is part of our large archive, resulting from 30 years of taking care of the guests of the City of Frankfurt.

The biographies of former Frankfurt citizens are part of the archives which we have compiled in thirty years of accompanying the guests of the City of Frankfurt.

More biographies will be added from time to time.

It is our intention to make sure to assist teachers, young people, students, historians and anybody interested in the topic in finding access to the recollectionsof the former Frankfurt citizens of Jewish background. The time witnesses will not be here for long anymore, so it is up to us to pass their experiences on to the generation to come.

New biographies July – December 2017

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New biographies January – June 2016