Report about the visit of Renata Harris to commemorate the Kindertransporte , which saved up to 20 000 children 80 years ago here
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Frank Felsenstein writes in The Times of Israel about his visit to Frankfurt.

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Visiting Program 2017
In May a group of former citizens of Frankfurt and their descendants were invited to the city of Frankfurt, the former home of their parents or grandparents. The invitation of the city gave them the opportunity to see the sites of the grandparents`childhood and youth, visit their houses, the area they lived in, the graves of relatives and former schools. Reports and Pictures

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List of Authors


Georgette Brock

Andres Reinerio Caro

Ricardo Caro


Edith Conrad

Ruth Alter and Edith Conrad


Martina Faltinat

Moshe, Toni, Ruth and Edith Bukspan

The Family of Shimon and Malka Bukspan

The Mayers and the Marxes


Christa Fischer

Miriam Liver, neé Spier


Gretel Ghamsharick

Trudel Grossman, neé Adler

Mari Ann Schwartzenberg, neé Adler


Ellen Holz

Yoram Igael


Marianne Karpf

Estelle Dzienciol

The Loeb-Sisters

Ralph Penglis


Till Lieberz-Groß

Yona and Tova Dreifuss

Family Flesch

Lilian Levy, neé Dreifuss, and Andrew Levy

Family Morgenstern

The Schwarzschilds

The Stelzers and the Novins


Renate Rauch

Michael and Henry Israel


Angelika Rieber

Ethan Bensinger

The Creizenachs

Gisele Croitoru-Federman

Lee Edwards, neé Lina Liese (Liesel) Carlebach

Family von Gans

Wolfgang Gleissberg

Renata Harris, neé Adler

Yoram Igael

Family Leo

The Loeb-Sisters

Family von Marx

Micha Ramati

Elisabeth Reinhuber-Adorno

Family Riesser

Bertha Röder, neé Kahn

Zerline Rohrbach, neé Löwenstein

Fred Schwab and Marianne Schwab, neé Rothschild

Josef Schwarzschild

Ron Sommers

Margot and Herbert Stern

Family Ullmann

Felix Weil


Doris Stein

Recha und Leo Koref


Gaby Thielmann

The Eis-Family: Carole Fels and Margaret Eis Aghion

Ronit Hauer and Ruth Shaul

Andrea Jacobs


Sandra Vucic

Gisele Croitoru-Federman


Katja Walter

Varda Albalach

Gisele Croitoru-Federman