Visiting Program 2019
In June a group of former citizens of Frankfurt and their descendants were invited to the city of Frankfurt, the former home of their parents or grandparents. The invitation of the city gave them the opportunity to see the sites of the grandparents`childhood and youth, visit their houses, the area they lived in, the graves of relatives and former schools. Reports and Pictures

Report about the visit of Renata Harris to commemorate the Kindertransporte , which saved up to 20 000 children 80 years ago here
Further Information

Frank Felsenstein writes in The Times of Israel about his visit to Frankfurt.

Booklaunch: Rettet wenigstens die Kinder
The project has collected several biographies of former visitors who were saved by the Kindertransport. 20 of these biographies have now been published in a book: More information and reviews here

On the History of the Project
Jewish Life in Frankfurt see the new rex_article_content at About us

“I am coming to learn as much as to share”*

Project Jewish Life in Frankfurt

The focus of our work is to keep in memory the lives of former Jewish Frankfurt citizens and to learn and teach about present-day Jewish life.

We trace the life and background of former Frankfurt citizens of Jewish descent, bring time witnesses in contact with schools for talks to the students and provide methods to prepare and reflect the meetings of the old and the young.

Ever since 1984 we have taken part in the annual visitors program of the City of Frankfurt, by which former Jewish citizens and their offspring are invited to visit their former hometown.

In 2012 the City of Frankfurt started an official “second generation” program.

As a project-group we give assistance in cooperating with archives and local groups in order to find out as much as possible about family history, help to find contact into communities of relevance outside of Frankfurt, accompany the guests and document the results of the activities. We also publish the results of our work.

History of the Project

*(Julia Hammid, USA, Teilnehmerin des Frankfurter Besuchsprogrammes 2013)