Visiting Program 2024
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A Conversation with Dr. Dave Tell and Angelika Rieber

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Press release

In the News section you’ll know find an english version of the press release of the Project Jewish Life in Frankfurt considering the first encounter of the participants and the representatives of the participating schools of Frankfurt on june 27th.

Visit program 2023:
At the end of June 2023, a group of children and grandchildren of former Frankfurters will once again visit the former home of their ancestors as guests of the city.
For the 2022 visit program, see here.

The Newsletter July 2022 has been published.

Visit program 2022 – “Together we we still have much work to do!”

“Together we still have much work to do!”, with this appeal for the future, Wendy Schmelzer summed up the conclusion of her visit during her speech at the final reception in Frankfurt’s Römer. She was part of a group of children and grandchildren of former Frankfurter citizens who were guests in the former home of their parents and grandparents from 8th to 15th June at the invitation of the City of Frankfurt.
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The “Newsletter September 2021 has been published.

Visiting Program 2019
In June a group of former citizens of Frankfurt and their descendants were invited to the city of Frankfurt, the former home of their parents or grandparents. The invitation of the city gave them the opportunity to see the sites of the grandparents`childhood and youth, visit their houses, the area they lived in, the graves of relatives and former schools. Reports and Pictures

Report about the visit of Renata Harris to commemorate the Kindertransporte , which saved up to 20 000 children 80 years ago here
Further Information

Frank Felsenstein writes in The Times of Israel about his visit to Frankfurt.

Booklaunch: Rettet wenigstens die Kinder
The project has collected several biographies of former visitors who were saved by the Kindertransport. 20 of these biographies have now been published in a book: More information and reviews here

On the History of the Project
Jewish Life in Frankfurt see the new rex_article_content at About us

About Us

The first activities of our organization go back as far as the late seventies. A group of young teachers decided to teach the history of German Nationalsozialismus in a new, illustrative way.

In 1984 they started documentation work in cooperation with the visitors program of the City of Frankfurt.

Ever since 1989, the group brought visitors in contact with schools and assisted them in tracing their own family history. Soon there will be no more eye-witnesses of the Nazi-era. Are the lessons about the Nazi-time going to become a topic in history just like any other? These are the issues among many others that Projekt Jüdisches Leben in Frankfurt is increasingly concerned with. The continuation of the dialogue with the second generation became a major subject.

Since 2012 the City of Frankfurt is the only city in Germany having included the children of the former citizens in their visiting program. The invitation and the outreach of the project give the members of the second generation the opportunity to visit the former home of their parents or grandparents and at the same time to personally experience how Germany and Frankfurt in particular deals with and educates about the Nazi era.

On the project’s history:

History of the Project Jewish Life in FrankfurtPDF
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In this context, we do not only cooperate with the City of Frankfurt but also with a large number of schools, local historians, museums and archives.

The participants of the project, most of whom are volunteers, decided early in 2014 to establish our own charitable organization.

Application Form:

Angelika Rieber, who is the heart and soul of the project, is the 1st chairwoman of the association, assisted by the 2nd chairwoman Katja Demnig, the contact persons to the schools Willi Jahncke and Andreas Zies and the other members of the project.