Visit program 2023:
At the end of June 2023, a group of children and grandchildren of former Frankfurters will once again visit the former home of their ancestors as guests of the city.
For the 2022 visit program, see here.

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Visit program 2022 – “Together we we still have much work to do!”

“Together we still have much work to do!”, with this appeal for the future, Wendy Schmelzer summed up the conclusion of her visit during her speech at the final reception in Frankfurt’s Römer. She was part of a group of children and grandchildren of former Frankfurter citizens who were guests in the former home of their parents and grandparents from 8th to 15th June at the invitation of the City of Frankfurt.
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Visiting Program 2019
In June a group of former citizens of Frankfurt and their descendants were invited to the city of Frankfurt, the former home of their parents or grandparents. The invitation of the city gave them the opportunity to see the sites of the grandparents`childhood and youth, visit their houses, the area they lived in, the graves of relatives and former schools. Reports and Pictures

Report about the visit of Renata Harris to commemorate the Kindertransporte , which saved up to 20 000 children 80 years ago here
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Frank Felsenstein writes in The Times of Israel about his visit to Frankfurt.

Booklaunch: Rettet wenigstens die Kinder
The project has collected several biographies of former visitors who were saved by the Kindertransport. 20 of these biographies have now been published in a book: More information and reviews here

On the History of the Project
Jewish Life in Frankfurt see the new rex_article_content at About us


Rettet wenigstens die Kinder

The project has collected several biographies of former visitors who were saved by the Kindertransport. We are very happy, that 20 of these biographies have now been published in a book: “Rettet wenigstens die Kinder” (Rescue at least the children).

The booklaunch took place on November 20th 2018 in the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek Frankfurt. The interest was overwhelming and nearly 400 people came to the event.

The presentation and reading was organized by the German Exilarchiv in cooperation with the association Projekt Jüdisches Leben in Frankfurt e.V.. The anthology recalls an extraordinary rescue operation: around 20,000 Jewish children from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia were brought to Britain and other countries after the November pogrom in 1938, thus saving them from the Holocaust.

In the selection of biographies, a variety of fates were taken into account, as well as charitable organizations such as the Lodge B’nai B’rith and the Quakers, and the life stories of three helpers.

Press Reviews: see below

The program consisted of readings by authors of the book and a discussion panel with the family of Elisabeth Reinhuber who with her brother was sent with the Kindertransport to England. She returned to Germany in the fifties. The musical performance of her son (piano) and grandson (baritone) was especially moving.
The conversation impressively showed how the life stories of the children transport children influenced and influenced the following generations.

Rettet wenigstens die Kinder
Kindertransporte aus Frankfurt am Main – Lebenswege von geretteten Kindern
Edited by Angelika Rieber and Till Lieberz-­Gross

304 pages, Hardcover, with numerous illustrations
ISBN 978-­‐3-­‐947273-­‐11-­‐9
2018, 25,– €

This book project was made possible with the kind support of the B’nai B’rith Frankfurt Schönstädt-Loge e.V., the Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, the Hessian State Office for Political Education, the NASPA Foundation, the Citoyen Foundation and other sponsors.

Information Flyer

Order: Fachhochschulverlag Kleiststr. 10, Gebäude 1, 60318 Frankfurt am Main, Tel.: (0 69) 15 33-­‐28 20, E-­‐Mail: oder über den Buchhandel

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